European Tour 2013

We are delighted to announce that we are performing this year’s Nice Weather for Airstrikes Festival in Brighton…
It’s a 3 day FREE ENTRY Post Rock Event at The Druids Arms and packed with awesome bands.
Monsters Build Mean Robots’ European Tour 2013:
We’re finally home, showered, some of us shaved, and recovered…..It’s nice to be home, but we already miss touring and meeting all the beautiful people that have been kind to us over the last 3 weeks….A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED, GAVE US A SHOW, FED US, GAVE US SOMEWHERE TO SLEEP, BOUGHT OUR MERCH AND ENJOYED….we have truly met some of the nicest people we ever have during the last 3 weeks.Thanks to Them The Sky for letting us steal their Bassist for 3 weeks, go LIKE them if you don’t already. And thanks to DAVE – he was muchly missed and will be back asap!!!THANK YOU /// MERCI /// MILESKER /// DANK JE WEL /// GRAZIE

To celebrate, we’re giving away a brand new free track!!
All you have to do is Tweet about it…simple.
And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a brand new live video of that new track:


Friday March 22  ||  CAFE DES ARTS La Louviere Belgium  ||  €free 8pm Facebook Event

Saturday March 23  ||  LE BARON VERT Mons Belgium  ||  €free 8pm Facebook Event

Sunday March 24  ||  CAFE AVERECHTS Utrecht Holland  ||  €free 4pm Facebook Event

Monday March 25  ||  MUSIC CITY Antwerp Belgium  ||  €tbc 8pm

Tuesday March 26  ||  CORNER HOUSE Brussels Belgium  ||  €tbc 8pm Facebook Event

Wednesday March 27  ||  ACU Utrecht Holland  ||  €6 8pm Facebook Event

Thursday March 28  ||  COSA NOSTRA Aalst Belgium  ||  €free 8pm Facebook Event

Friday March 29  ||  NDRGRND Nijmegen Holland  ||  €tbc 8pm

Saturday March 30  ||  ADM Amsterdam  ||  €tbc 8pm

Tuesday April 2  ||  THUNDERBIRD Saint Etienne France  ||  €tbc 8pm

Wednesday April 3  ||  L’UP & DOWN Montpellier France  ||  €tbc 8pm

Friday April 5  ||  ATABAL Biarritz France  ||  €tbc 8pm Facebook Event

Sunday April 7  ||  LES LECTURES ALEATOIRES Bordeaux France  ||  €tbc 4pm

Tuesday April 9  ||  CAFE L’UBU (Ecuyes presents) Caen France  ||  €tbc 8pm


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